At Midway Chiropractic, we’re proud to help people find freedom from pain. We work with our patients to find solutions so they can continue their lives with as little interruption as possible. Some stories are just so good we can’t help but share them!

Here’s an example of a spinal decompression success story:

Megan (name has been changed for patient privacy) is 43 years old from Kent, Washington, and is an avid golfer. She came to our office with an L5 disc herniation that was causing significant leg pain, making it difficult to walk. This type of injury is sometimes treated with surgery, and although Megan had received a surgical consult, she did not want to live with a fusion for the rest of her life. Hoping to find relief for her back pain by non-surgical means, she came to see us.

Assessing her condition, Dr. Craig started Megan on a plan of chiropractic therapy, massage therapy, and spinal decompression three times a week. After only one week of treatment, she reported feeling 60% better. She felt so much better that she even went golfing that weekend, something she hadn’t done in weeks since her troubles began.

After four weeks of herniated disc treatment, Megan reports that she no longer wakes up in pain and feels energized from getting better rest. She is now completely recovered from her disc herniation, but still comes in every two weeks because she says it “makes [her] feel great!” By utilizing the varied tools available through our team at Midway Chiropractic, including spinal decompression, Megan recovered mobility and activity. The longer-standing effects of chiropractic care, such as helping sustain health and well-being, become evident once the acute injury has healed.

We’re happy that we are able to help Megan find freedom from her back pain, and wish her luck on those pesky sand traps!

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