Soda Consumption Linked to Aggression in Children

The United States leads the world in soda consumption, and while studies have shown the adverse effects in adolescents, a recent study on young children shows significant impacts. The study, published in the Journal of Pediatrics, is summarized here.

This study showed altered behavior with consumption of one soda per day with some 5-year-olds consuming more than four per day.  Altered behavior included aggression (getting into fights, physically attacking people and destroying things belonging to others), withdrawn behavior, attention deficit. Candy also affected behavior while juice slightly reduced the behavior changes. This study shows that soda consumption should not be allowed to kids.

Dr. Shakira Suglia, who authored the study, discussed the findings of the links between soda and antisocial behavior. “Certainly water or milk is more nutritious and a better alternative. Our advice is consistent with what is already out there: for the very young kids, any soda is not a healthy option. And even for adolescents, I think parents should really limit the amount of soda their kids are drinking.”

Dr. George says, “I personally found the above information interesting.  It is my personal opinion that soda should not be given to children but it is good to see research pointing out the reason why.  The article made me remember something I saw back in Northern Idaho around the fourth of July 2010.  I was walking into a grocery store when I saw a young boy (I’m guessing he was about 12) walking out drinking a can of Rockstar Energy Drink with another can hanging from his left hand in a plastic bag. I thought to myself why does this kid need an energy drink?  I don’t have an answer for that, maybe he learned to drink them from his parents.

“As parents you have the greatest influence on your kids when they are younger.  As they got older you lose that.  I hope the above article makes you think about what you let your kids consume. Remember that one of your greatest jobs on this Earth is that of a parent.” – George D. Miskovic, D.C.

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