The doctors and staff at Midway Chiropractic understand that the health and wellness information readily available through media is often confusing and contradictory. With new reports coming out about skyrocketing obesity rates, discussions of obesity, health, weight loss, and associated elements are in the news. This article contains a lot of relevant and no-nonsense information about unraveling the hype from the basic building blocks of finding and maintaining healthy weight and diet.

While there are many factors adding to the increase of obesity in the United States and worldwide, it is worth noting that obesity is spreading to poor countries as well as wealthy ones, and it is the poorest people in the US who are displaying the highest rates of obesity. One of those reasons is likely tied to the accessibility, relatively low cost, and ubiquity of processed foods, which have been tied to weight gain and a lowered metabolism. The health impacts of obesity are many, and unfortunately misleading advertising and compromised government guidelines do little to clarify.

This article found on the Mercola site specifically addresses several weight-loss myths, countering them with links to research to help you make smarter choices for you and your family. Some of the myths or oversimplified platitudes addressed include “cut calories” (which is meaningless if you don’t understand how all calories are not created equal), “choose ‘diet’ foods” (which are processed and often contain chemicals that hinder weight loss rather than promote it), “avoid saturated health” (a claim that is based on an ad campaign for Crisco rather than scientific evidence), among others.

So what’s the answer? If not following these conventional health guides promoted through advertising and industry-based government standards, how does one make healthy choices? In addition to well-informed food choicestaking care of the gut flora and intermittent fasting are two suggestions made in the article. Intermittent fasting is more of a lifestyle choice than a diet, and includes limiting food intake to an eight-hour period each day, giving the body 16 hours between meals. This approach does not include binge eating followed by starvation, and the link above gives an excellent summary and explanation of its benefits. 

Exercise and movement are also key elements, and Peak Fitness is an approach we suggest you investigate and speak about with your chiropractor. Not all exercise modes are appropriate for all people, and the doctors and staff at Midway Chiropractic are eager to help you find and maintain a healthy life, from bodily structure to movement to diet to sleep and overall well-being. Please ask your doctor about ways you can nurture yourself at your next visit.

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