I went here late last year for a lingering case of sciatica. I injured my back lifting, it was never all that serious, just painful and annoying. I talked to my doctor about my symptoms, he suggested sciatica, but his treatment suggestions were “stop lifting for a few months and stretch.” Well, I’m a competitive lifter, and had a meet coming up in under two months, so that wasn’t an option.

I did a little research, and was informed that a chiropractor certified in A.R.T. (active release technique) was likely my best bet. So I did a search on the A.R.T. website, and cross referenced that against my Group Health provider network, and was hooked up with Midway Chiropractic. At this point I’ve been treated by all the members of their staff, but my primary doctor was Dr. Xavier Ibarreta.

After discussing my symptoms and having some imaging done at a Group Health location, Dr. Xavier confirmed my sciatica diagnosis and put me on a treatment plan to have me prepared for my competition. He (and the other members of the staff) was very knowledgeable, very friendly & personable. My sciatica gradually faded away, after about two months it was gone completely, and I am happy to report I smashed all of my PRs in the competition, too.

I would definitely recommend Midway Chiropractic and Dr. Xavier to anyone needed any sort of chiropractic care. Everyone in the office is very friendly, they are extremely flexible with scheduling, and I had great results from the treatment, too.

It was a bit of a hike down to Midway from Seattle, but from my experience, definitely worth the drive.

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