So first off, I would really like to thank Dr. Craig for everything he has done for my back. My back was a mess. I had a herniated bulging disc and it hurt to move.  I am a Competitive Varsity Volleyball Player.  My volleyball season was coming up very quickly and I went straight to Dr. Craig for help. He started me on this program that worked on my back through decompression and active release technique.  I went every day for the first two weeks and then it went to three times a week and from there it went to two times a week. The first time I went on the machine, my back wasn’t quite used to it, but as I was regularly going on the machine, my back was adjusting to it. Within the first two weeks, I felt MAJOR improvement. I was able to move, jump, and run everything you could think of.  My volleyball season came around and my back was free of pain. I didn’t once have to come back in for a treatment. My back was totally healed. The results from Dr. Craig were everything I was looking for and more, and I just really would like to thank him so very much. I appreciate everything he has done for me.

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