I have sent several people to Midway chiropractic – some of whom were totally against chiropractic care – that is, until they met and were treated by Dr. Craig and his team. These are people who were total doubters of chiropractic – my husband especially, who used to call chiropractors “chiro-QUACK-ters.” that is until the day somehow. A couple of his ribs “when out” and he suffered for about a week, even missing a couple of days work (which he RARELY does) due to the extreme pain and lack of mobility he had. Needless to say just a couple of visits with Dr. Craig and he was 100% again. Midway has also treated my daughter for sports injuries, me due to a severe rear end collision, and several other athletes, coaches, teachers, and moms whom I have referred over the years. I am a Realtor(R) and I take referrals very seriously ; I don’t just throw comments out on the Internet. I mean every word.

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