For the sake of convenience or habit, sometimes we ignore information regarding negative health impacts if the suggestions seem daunting. One such example may be the mounting evidence about electromagnetic fields (EF) and the negative impacts of cell phones, tablets, computers, and other devices that fill many of our modern lives. You are likely reading this on a device which emits EF. Mercola has written extensively about EF and its impacts.

It may be tempting to bury our heads in the sand, ignoring the impacts of having our bodies exposed to myriad sources of EF in many of our daily routines. But perhaps another approach is to be aware of ways to minimize the harmful effects, particularly for vulnerable populations such as children. Studies have shown that the thinner skulls of children under age 8 make them particularly susceptible to negative impacts of radio waves the electromagnetic fields.

Not only have there been direct links established between prolonged cell phone use and brain cancer, but the timing of cell phone use is also relevant. Using cell phones at night, especially in the dark can greatly disturb sleep/wake patterns by emitting a blue light that resets the pineal gland’s melatonin production. This thorough article discusses the ways that sleep is impacted by electronic gadgets and the electromagnetic frequencies (EF) they emit.

For tips on how to protect you and your family, see The Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Safer Cell Phone Use, as well as the tips and guidelines from Dr. Mercola’s thorough piece on cell phones and their health impacts. Though it may be tempting to ignore the issue altogether, there are basic things one can do to minimize negative impact, such as keeping the phone away from your sleeping body, using a hands-free headset, utilizing landlines whenever possible, and being mindful of ceasing using devices emitting electromagnetic frequencies (EF) before bed.

To maximize sleep and its benefits, also see this excellent summary on the impact of electronics on sleep patterns and how to best care for the body by cultivating healthy sleep patterns.

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