One of the things we appreciate at Midway Chiropractic is the wealth of health and wellness information to be found at Dr. Mercola’s website. With links to background research and other supporting documentation, the resources on Dr. Mercola’s site provide a solid basis for making informed decisions.

One such example is the piece entitled “The Rich Benefits of Eating Chocolate,” with valuable information about why and how to eat chocolate for your health. While the title may spur cries of glee and mad dashes to the candy aisle, all chocolate is not created equal. A careful read will help you make choices that will aid in supporting your health. For example, note that the benefits identified are associated with dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate. Milk, in fact, prevents the absorption of healthy polyphenols found in the dark variety.

Moderation is also key, with very small amounts of dark unadulterated chocolate being the most healthful. A daily dose of 6.7 grams per day (which amounts to less than half a chocolate bar a week) is ideal. Links are also offered with information on how to make your own healthful chocolate and avoid the pitfalls of mass-produced varieties that often contain harmful chemicals.

Dark chocolate has been found to be beneficial for heart health and also contains resveratrol, which is shown to protect the brain and nervous system. Chocolate is also an inflammation fighter and antioxidant. For information about antioxidants and the free radicals they combat, see this helpful video. Furthermore, chocolate produces anandamide, “a neurotransmitter produced in the brain that temporarily blocks feelings of pain and depression.” Several compounds also work to protect the brain from damage caused by stroke or other injury. Anxiety may also be alleviated from cocoa-derived compounds.

Check out Dr. Mercola’s article for the many linked resources for details about how, when, and why chocolate may benefit your well-being, guilt-free.

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