I was in a car accident on vacation in another state, and was told to see a chiropractor. Several days had lapse before seeing the chiropractor, because of the weather. (snow) I almost ended up in emergency. My neck started stiffing up, headaches came back, my throat swelling up, hard to turn my head and I get stuck in different positions I was getting worse. I made a phone call, to the state where I had the accident, I was told to find a spinal and neck injury (Car Accident) I went online and did some research. I found Midway Chiropractic, I called and made an appointment, I got in I believe that day. I went in frustrated, because I did not want to be there and told them. The body ached, and I had no control a bad situation to be in for me. The staff hung in there w/ me, and worked on me. I must say today I am much better, and I see how beneficial a chiropractor is, especially the right one.

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