At Midway Chiropractic, we are committed to our patients’ overall health and well-being. Information about healthy lifestyle choices can often times be contradictory or confusing. Our doctors are here to help! We have identified some useful resources to aid you in your journey toward and into wellness.

For example, this excellent article by Dr. Joseph Mercola lists what he deems the top dozen lifestyle strategies he believes “can make the biggest difference in your health as they address most of the disruptions that are at the core of most health challenges.”  He offers this list as a counterpoint to a CNN list of twenty-five ways to improve health. He notes that some of those suggestions are sound but others are not, and created his own offerings.

Dr. Mercola’s suggestions include

  • adding sprouts to your diet,
  • making fermented vegetables a daily staple,
  • optimize Vitamin D levels with appropriate sun exposure,
  • intermittent fasting,
  • including high intensity interval training into exercise routine,
  • get high quality sleep,
  • get grounded,
  • drink pure water,
  • limit processed foods and replace non-veggie carbs with healthy fats,
  • avoid toxins,
  • have great tools to address your stress,
  • replace drugs with natural alternatives and address the cause.

In addition to telling you why adding sprouts is useful, the article also tells you how to make sprouts in your home and provide yourself with nourishing raw plantlife right in your own kitchen. Similarly, Dr. Mercola includes links for advice on fermenting vegetables, and he describes the benefits to the gut flora and overall health.

Also covered are topics such as what you might not know about Vitamin D and fasting, but should!  Additionally, categories such as high-intensity training are described and explained, as are toxins that can affect one’s health. Advice and information about sleep, water, stress, and medications provide great tools to help shift into a lifestyle that promotes health and wellness. Dietary suggestions are offered with concrete suggestions as to why and how to implement them, for optimal lifestyle shifting!

Dr. Mercola goes into great detail on each point, giving the whys and hows and helpful hints on how to incorporate these lifestyle strategies. Sometimes small shifts in daily practice can help provide significant and lasting results!


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